After decoding and reaching to a frame, I need to know the best method for rendering it. I use Bitmap for this purpose, but every time I have to create a new bitmap, one for each frame. Maybe this is not the best method, since lots of memory is consumed and rebuilding bitmaps may take time. To clarify, I give the code:

ret = FFmpegInvoke.sws_scale(
Debug.Assert(ret >= 0);
var bmp = new Bitmap(dest_width, dest_height,
    convertedFrame->linesize[0], PixelFormat.Format32bppPArgb,
    new IntPtr(convertedFrame->data_0));
pictureBox1.Image = bmp;

I've added a picture box control to my form. I create a Bitmap from every decoded and converted frame's data and then set the picture box's image to the bitmap. After finding the best method, and knowing whether I've done correctly, I need to know why is my problem with a background worker I put in the form. Apparently concurrent accessing to the bitmap object causes exception. Nevermind, first I need to make sure about this one.

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