For some reasons, I want to convert strings which contain

<p style=“text-align:center; others-style:value;”>Content</p>

to <center>Content</center> in PHP.

The text-align values can be either left, right, or center. And when there are other stylings, I want to omit them.

How can I do that in PHP?


Maybe I was not clear enough in my original question. What I mean is that I want to convert contents with text-align:center to be wrapped by <center>, and contents with text-align:right to be wrapped by <right>. And when there is no text-align styling, I do not need any wrapping for that div. Thank you.


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You might use a preg_replace to do so:

Test 1:

$test = preg_replace('/(<.*”>)(.*)(<\/.*)/s', '<center>$2</center>', '<p style=“text-align:center; others-style:value;”>Content</p>');


Output 1:

It would return:

string(24) "<center>Content</center>"

RegEx 1:

The RegEx divides your inputs into three capturing groups, where the first and third groups can be assigned to open/close p tags.

enter image description here

RegEx 2:

You can further expand it, if you wish, with this RegEx for any other tags/quotations/contents that you may want. It would divide any tags with any quotations (" or ” or ' or ’) into five groups where the fourth group ($4) is your target content. This type of RegEx may be usually useful for single occurrence non-looping strings, since it uses (.*).

enter image description here

Test 2

$test = preg_replace('/<(.*)(\"|\”|\'|\’)>(.*)(<\/.*)/s', '<center>$4</center>', '<p style=“text-align:center; others-style:value;”>Content</p>');


RegEx 3

If you may wish to get any specific attributes in style, this RegEx might help:


enter image description here

Test 3

$tags = [
    '0' => '<p style=“text-align:center; others-style:value;”>Content</p>',
    '1' => '<div style=‘text-align:left; others-style:value;’ class=‘any class’>Any Content That You Wish</div>',
    '2' => '<span style=\'text-align:right; others-style:value;\' class=\'any class\'>Any Content That You Wish</span>',
    '3' => '<h1 style=“text-align:justify; others-style:value;” class="any class">Any Content That You Wish</h1>',
    '4' => '<h2 style=“text-align:inherit; others-style:value;” class=“any class">Any Content That You Wish</h2>',
    '5' => '<h3 style=“text-align:none; others-style:value;” class=“any class">Any Content That You Wish</h3>',
    '6' => '<h4 style=“others-style:value;” class=“any class">Any Content That You Wish</h4>',


$RegEx = '/<(.*)(text-align:)(.*)(center|left|right|justify|inherit|none)(.*)(\"|\”|\'|\’)>(.*)(<\/.*)/s';
foreach ($tags as $key => $tag) {
    preg_match_all($RegEx, $tag, $matches);
    foreach ($matches as $key1 => $match) {
        if (sizeof($match[0]) > 0) {
            $tags[$key] = preg_replace($RegEx, '<$4>$7</$4>', $tag);




Output 3

It would return:

array(7) {
  string(24) "<center>Content</center>"
  string(38) "<left>Any Content That You Wish</left>"
  string(40) "<right>Any Content That You Wish</right>"
  string(44) "<justify>Any Content That You Wish</justify>"
  string(44) "<inherit>Any Content That You Wish</inherit>"
  string(38) "<none>Any Content That You Wish</none>"
  string(86) "<h4 style=“others-style:value;” class=“any class">Any Content That You Wish</h4>"
  • 1
    But how do I get the text-align value? Apr 16, 2019 at 6:15
  • 1
    Thanks!! What if I have two text-align elements in onw string, say the string is "<div style=‘text-align:left; others-style:value;’ class=‘any class’>Any Content That You Wish</div><p style=“text-align:center; others-style:value;”>Content</p>', any way to convert it to "<left>Any Content That You Wish</left><center>Content</center>" also? Thanks a lot!! Apr 18, 2019 at 2:52
  • 1
    Shouldn’t the end of tag be reference? Just so if someone puts a span in it it won’t break...
    – Akxe
    May 29, 2019 at 0:41

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