I have a vector of option of List of Tuple like

val x = Vector(

How to get the list from the above vector


The final purpose is to get the total count of element in the list (we have three element only x or y or z).

like total count of x would return 8 and total count of y would return 3 and total count of z would return 4


val totalx = x.flatten.filter ....  
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    Can you please provide proper code – Chaitanya Waikar Apr 16 at 5:01
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    And specification, what you're expecting together with your attempt would be nice – Andronicus Apr 16 at 5:02
  • Sorry, I don't see a Vector here, and some doesn't compile. can you provide the valid code? – galando Apr 16 at 5:02
x.flatMap {
  case Some(l) => l.filter(_._1=="x").map(_._2)
  case None => List(0)}.sum

Sorry i got the answer

x.flatten.flatten.filter(x => x._1 == "y").map(x => x._2).sum

used flatten to remove the none and then used flatten again to get all tuple flatten then filter and summing up

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