I am creating a mapping index in postman and am getting the error below. I am trying to create an index that would communicate with my elastic search firebase server using a function i have created index.js. What could be the problem?

Here is my code

                    "type": "text"
                    "type": "text"
                    "type": "text"
                "type": "text"
                "type": "text"
                    "type": "text"
                    "type": "text"
                    "type": "text"

here is the code to index.js function

const functions = require('firebase-functions');

const request = require('request-promise')

exports.indexPostsToElastic = functions.database.ref('/posts/{post_id}')
        .onWrite((change,context) =>{
        let postData = change.after.val();
        let post_id = context.params.post_id;

        console.log('Indexing post',postData);

        let elasticSearchConfig = functions.config().elasticsearch;

        let elasticSearchUrl = elasticSearchConfig.url + 'posts/' + post_id;
        let elasticSearchMethod = postData ? 'POST' : 'DELETE';

        let elasticSearchRequest = {
                url: elasticSearchUrl,
                    username : elasticSearchConfig.username,
                    password : elasticSearchConfig.password,
                body: postData,
                json : true
              return request(elasticSearchRequest).then(response => {
                  console.log("ElasticSearch response", response);
                  return response;

I am getting the following error in firebase

StatusCodeError: 400 - {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"illegal_argument_exception","reason":"Rejecting mapping update to [posts] as the final mapping would have more than 1 type: [_doc, -LcajBAxUn3jrq0EHzYa]"}],

Here is a sample of my database in firebase











Please help me identify where my error could be.

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    Can you provide more details here? Whether this is a part of the request body? What is the server code? What exactly are you trying to achieve? Please provide more context so that other people will be able to understand your issue and help you out. – Sivcan Singh Apr 16 at 6:21

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