I have a generic class as follows (Value is Public only for the sake of simplicity, in reality, it's all encapsulated in properties):

Public MustInherit Class GenericInterval(Of T As {Structure, IComparable})
    Public Value As T                     
End Class

I want to implement IComparable(Of T):

Public MustInherit Class GenericInterval(Of T As {Structure, IComparable})
    Implements IComparable(Of T)

    Public Value As T                     

    Public Function CompareTo(Other As T) As Int32 Implements IComparable(Of T).CompareTo
        Return Value.CompareTo(Other)
    End Function
End Class

But is this really correct? It feels somewhat "unmatching", as if I'd compare a value with a generic type.

In a test module I instantiate 2 variables and assign them values.

Dim lTest1 As New GenericInterval()
Dim lTest2 As New GenericInterval()

lTest1.Value = 4
lTest2.Value = 5

Now I'd expect to compare lTest1 with lTest2. However, I need to perform the test on the extracted Value:

If lTest1.CompareTo(lTest2.Value) >= 0 Then
End If

But by doing so, I could as well just use

If lTest1.Value >= lTest2.Value Then ...

omiting the interface altogether.

Wouldn't it be advantageous to allow me to access Value already in the generic CompareTo, such:

Return Value.CompareTo(Other.Value)

However, Value is not an accessible member in the generic.

Do I miss something here, or is this unaccessibility by design? If so, what is the purpose?


You need to implement IComparable(Of GenericInterval(Of T))

Public Class GenericInterval(Of T As {Structure, IComparable})
    Implements IComparable(Of GenericInterval(Of T))

    Public Sub New(value As T)
        Me.Value = value
    End Sub

    Public Readonly Value As T

    Public Function CompareTo(other As GenericInterval(Of T)) As Integer Implements IComparable(Of GenericInterval(Of T)).CompareTo
        Return Value.CompareTo(other.Value)
    End Function
End Class


Sub Main
    Dim lTest1 As New GenericInterval(Of Integer)(4)
    Dim lTest2 As New GenericInterval(Of Integer)(5)

End Sub

If T is Structure and Value only property you might want to turn GenericInterval into a structure also. (it would need to be immutable)

  • Not simply T, of course! Value is not the only property. I considered structures heavily already, but there are 6 constructors, 1 of them is a required empty New() constructor to initialize default values different from the standard. There were other quirks, ultimately turning the structure into a hack. – Herb Apr 16 at 6:24

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