After resolving this I came across another problem. I tried to get the field that contains the text but I can not find a way to access it. So in my repository i have a function which is called getSearchResults($searchParameter) and the part that contains the text search looks like this:

 $subjectParameter = $searchParameter[0]['subject'];
 $subjectConstrains = array();

 $subjectConstrains[] =
                $query->like('title', '%' . $subjectParameter . '%'),
                $query->like('subtitle', '%' . $subjectParameter . '%'),
                $query->like('downloads.uidLocal.textPdf','%' . $subjectParameter . '%')
$constrains[] = $query->logicalOr($subjectConstrains);

So the downloads field is targeting the sys_file_reference table and then I want to get the text_pdf from the sys_file table.

With that code I get the following error message:

#1353170925: The relation information for property "uidLocal" of class "TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Domain\Model\FileReference" is missing.

I went to typo3/sysext/extbase/Classes/Domain/Model/FileReference.php and I saw this:

public function getOriginalResource()
    if ($this->originalResource === null) {
        $this->originalResource = \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\ResourceFactory::getInstance()->getFileReferenceObject($this->getUid());

    return $this->originalResource;

By my understanding, this is targeting directly the uid field of the sys_file, meaning I can not actually get the field text_pdf because it has already chosen a field from that table.

I am saying that because if I remove the textPdf from the like field, I do not get any errors, meaning that it find the file but not the field I would like to get.

Extra: I suppose I will have to set getters und setters for the text_pdf, but i don't know where to do it. My first guess would be on the TCA/Overrides, but i am not really sure.

Thanks in advance,

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