I have active RTCPeerConnection. I want to process this audio. I'm creating new AudioContext() and then new nodes: MediaStreamAudioSourceNode to MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode

After connect MediaStreamAudioSourceNode to MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode I can't hear audio.

MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode is connected to Audio element.

  • I've tried connect directly MediaStream from RTCPeerConnection to Audio and it works

  • I've also tried connect MediaStreamAudioSourceNode.mediaStream to Audio element and it also works.

  • I've connected MediaStream returned by getUserMedia() and it works even with MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode

It looks that only MediaStream from RTCPeerConnection does not work with MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode.

  function play(eventWebRtcPeerConnection) {
    const audio = new Audio()
    const ctx = new AudioContext();

    let mediaStream = new MediaStream();
    eventWebRtcPeerConnection.streams[0].getAudioTracks().forEach(track => mediaStream.addTrack(track));

    // create source and destination and connect them
    const msSource = ctx.createMediaStreamSource(mediaStream);
    const msDestination = ctx.createMediaStreamDestination();

    // play media stream on Audio object
    audio.srcObject = msDestination.stream; // does not work
    // audio.srcObject = msSource.mediaStream; // works

    audio.oncanplay = async () => {
      audio.muted = false;
      await audio.play();


I expect to hear audio after connect MediaStreamAudioSourceNode to MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode.

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