I am using cytoscapejs and the extension compound-drag-and-drop. My aim is to shoot an event to my database when I drag a node and drop it over another. I am taking the id (of my future child node) with cdndtapstart or cdndout (when it is inside a compound node) and event.target._private.data.id, and then, with cdnddrop I call dropSibling._private.data.id, and with this data I can do my ajax call. The problem that I have is that those events are acumulating one over another, if I drag the node once is fine, the second time that I drag it, it will produce two ajax call, the third time will give me three calls. Is there a way to avoid this or should it be reported as a bug?

cy.on('cdndout', 'node', function(event, dropTarget, dropSibling){
    let type = event.target._private.data.type;
    let id = event.target._private.data.id;
    let gId = event.target._private.data;

    if(type == 'device'){
      cy.on('cdnddrop', function(event, dropTarget, dropSibling){
        var typeDe = dropSibling._private.data
        if(typeDe == undefined){
          $.notify({message: err},{type: 'danger'});
        } else {
          let uuid = event.target._private.data.id;
          let gId = dropSibling._private.data.id;
          setResourceToGroup(uuid, gId, cb)
          .then(reso => getAllResources())
          .then(allReso => createGraph())
          .catch(err => {
            $.notify({message: parseLog(err)},{type: 'danger'});

So with this code, the ajax call that I have in the function setResourceToGroup, will be executed as many times as I drag the node. I am guessing I am not handling the events properly and they are accumulating... any help with that?

  • Please add your code to the question, this problem is probably simple to solve with the code :) – Stephan T. Apr 16 at 10:31

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