I have a Sales table and related dimension tables. MySales table contains columns : Week, StoreID, SalesSeasonID, ProductKey and metrics. My dimensions are related to sales table (Date,SalesSeason,Store,Product tables).

I need to find Sales Quantity (LastYear and LastSeason), as a measure You can find a sample below:

enter image description here

My purpose is when user selected SaleseasonID[4] then it will return 2 as SalesQuantity.

How can I calculate this measure by DAX formula?



PYSales = 
    VALUES ( Table1[YearWeek] ),
        SUM ( Table1[SalesQuantity] ),
        ALL ( Table1[SalesSeasonID] ), 
        FILTER ( 
            ALL ( Table1[YearWeek] ),
            Table1[YearWeek] = EARLIER ( Table1[YearWeek] ) - 100

Worked example PBIX file, using your sample data: https://pwrbi.com/so_55703551/

enter image description here

  • I tried formula but it doesn't give the expected result. Merchyear means: Year period of YearWeek 'Sales Qty_LY:=SUMX( VALUES('Date'[MERCHYEAR]);CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[SalesQuantity]); ALL('SalesSeasons'[SALESSEASON_ID]); FILTER( ALL('Date'[MERCHYEAR]); 'Date'[MERCHYEAR] = EARLIER('Date'[MERCHYEAR])-1))) – ayca_bayraktar Apr 16 at 11:50
  • It works with the sample data you provided.... – Olly Apr 16 at 11:50
  • While finding YearWeek:201642 it also has to find SalesSeasonID =2 . I sent a part of data. For Example: Data may contain a row with same productKey, storeID but SalesSeasonID = 3 and YearWeek = 201642 – ayca_bayraktar Apr 16 at 12:00
  • Your specification is confusing, then - your question asked for user to select SalesSeason value = 4, and return the Sales value from the corresponding week of prior year, which had SalesSeason value = 2. If that's not correct, then perhaps you can edit your question, and provide clearer example input / output. – Olly Apr 16 at 12:02

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