What is the laravel equivalent eloquent query builder for this mysql sql snippet:

select * from `posts` left join `user_post_interactions` on `posts`.`id` = `user_post_interactions`.`post_id` where `posts`.`user_id` = 10 and not (`user_post_interactions`.`interaction_name` = 'hide' and `user_post_interactions`.`user_id` = 10)

What I am doing is:

$this->posts()->leftJoin('user_post_interactions', 'posts.id', '=', 'user_post_interactions.post_id')
            ->where(function($q) {
                $q->where('user_post_interactions.interaction_name', '<>', 'hide')
                    ->where('user_post_interactions.user_id', '<>', 10);

But this is not producing the result I expected


You can use whereHas() which will only query posts which have an interaction where the user_id does not equal 10:

$this->posts()->whereHas('interactions', function ($query) {
    $query->where('user_id', '!=', 10);

Note this will require a Interaction model with a interactions() relationship on the Post model.

If you would like to include interactions with the query, add ->with('interactions') to the query chain.


You can simply run:

$this->posts()->with(['interaction' => function($query){
            return $query->where("interaction_name","!=",'hide')

If you wants to filter having interaction

$this->posts()->whereHas('interaction', function($query){
            return $query->where("interaction_name","!=",'hide')

here I assume your posts table have relationship interaction

  • Thanks. But this is filtering interactions. I want to filter posts based on interaction – Gopal Gautam Apr 16 at 9:28
  • @GopalGautam You may use same block using whereHas() before with, see updated answer – Chintan7027 Apr 16 at 11:28

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