I have a list of numpy 2D ndarray and I am trying to compute the "pixel by pixel" median and some percentile of all the dem of the list. Basically these are raster and I need to keep their dimensions. For example:

A = [[1,1],[2,2]]
B = [[2,2],[3,3]]
C = [[3,3],[4,4]]

and I want:

my_median = [[2,2],[3,3]]

I can do that in a "C-style" with for loops and eventually cython or numba to speed up the process as my arrays are quite big but I am pretty sure I am missing an easy and efficient way in numpy?

np.median(np.sum([A,B,C])) only gives me the global median or if I play with axis the median per row or col.

Thanks in advance!


You can use dstack to stack the arrays in sequence depth wise and take the np.median along the last axis:

np.median(np.dstack([A,B,C]), -1)

array([[2., 2.],
       [3., 3.]])
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    Many thanks, it works well! – boris Apr 16 at 10:41

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