I have a simple form with sonata admin with a sonata media field.

protected function configureFormFields(FormMapper $formMapper)

        ->add('firstname', 'text', array('label' => 'Firstname', 'required' => true))
        ->add('lastname', 'text', array('label' => 'Lastname', 'required' => true))
        ->add('image', 'sonata_media_type', array(
            'provider' => 'sonata.media.provider.image',
            'context' => 'default',

I have a validate function.

public function validate(ErrorElement $errorElement, $object)
    if(preg_match('/^\d+$/', $object->getFirstname()) ){
        $errorElement->with('firstname')->addViolation("No numbers please");

If the validate fail, an error happen but the sonata media filed is emptied but all the others fields

Is there a way to keep the uploaded image in memory so that the user has not not upload it again?

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