I have a RestSharp Testclient that worked well. After I installed Xamarin for another Project I get an ErrorException "Die Anfrage wurde abgebrochen: Es konnte kein geschützter SSL/TLS-Kanal erstellt werden." which means that it was unable to create a secure SSL/TLS channel. The same code still works fine on another computer without Xamarin installed.

.NET Framework used is 4.6.1 RestSharp Version is 106.6.9 OS is Windows10

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  • It's strange. Today I have the same effect also on the other computer without Xamarin. – user2189993 Apr 17 at 8:45

I found the problem. It has nothing to do with Xamarin. Seems that I have to reinstall the certificate after each boot. This is not a problem, this machine is only for development and testing.

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