I have a CSV file which has salesforce data and is generated using python API call and i am trying to load the file in MS SQL DB using SSIS.

I need a C# script to rectify the issue because the data is not consistent (no of columns and order of columns can change anytime). Below mentioned are more details:-

The file is not fully text qualified . There are few records which are text qualified and those records contains quotes/comma in them .

i tried to follow below blogs :-

But this logic works only when there are no quotes or comma in the text otherwise the program fails due to data disposition.

i checked few more articles on techbrothersit but i did not get any idea on how to deal with text qualified data. Could anyone provide a possible solution for this.

Any help with be highly appreciated.

Thank You in advance.

  • if u are getting a comma in a cell data I don't think u will find a solution as it was comma separated values but last time when I get this problem we replace the comma with special char <:> something like this and write as csv and when ur inserting data replace this <:> again to comma – Avinash Reddy Apr 16 at 11:21
  • 1
    Possible duplicate of how to check column structure in ssis? – Hadi Apr 16 at 17:46
  • If your data contains any commas I would call it junk data & require a different format. Another delimiter like a Pipe | or a complex delimiter like a GUID might be ugly but gets the job done. – Zakk Diaz Apr 16 at 17:48

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