The code I have got only moves the file at the top of the list and not all files that are less than 10 mins old. Can anyone assist?

I have tried using the below code

 Option Explicit

 const strFullSourcePath="\\do-innova01\D$\Program Files (x86)

 Dim objFSO ,objFldr, objFl

 Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
 Set objFldr = objFSO.GetFolder (strFullSourcePath)

 For Each objFl in objFldr.Files
If objFl.Type = "CSV File" And (Mid(CStr(objFl.DateLastModified), 1, 10) = Cstr(DateValue(Now
 ()))) Then
    'msgbox Cstr(DateValue(Now()))
    call objFl.Copy("\\do-innova01\D$\Program Files (x86)\Marep\Innovi\integration2
    exit for
End If
 set objFSO = nothing
  • The code you posted is broken. Please do not wrap code in arbitrary places. Edit your question and copy/paste it exactly as it is in your script. – Ansgar Wiechers Apr 16 at 10:25
  • Don't convert dates to strings - use DateDiff set to seconds. Call is designed to call assembler functions in MSDos QuickBasic. So don't use it. Your Exit For means your code only does one file. Everything is set to nothing at the end of every line for implicit variables, at the end of a function/sub for local explicit variables, and everything at program end. So don't do voodoo programming. – Noodles Apr 18 at 4:31

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