I am trying to use simple expression inside jsonpath . I tried using built in operators such as 'contains','starts with' inside jsonpath to do a comparison with a header value.

I have tried using the contains operator and that works, but the starts with operator fails

What works -

.jsonpath("$.configs[?(@.mask contains '${header.mask}')]")

what does not work

.jsonpath("$.configs[?(@.mask starts with '${header.mask}')]")
  • What version of Camel do you use? – Claus Ibsen Apr 16 at 10:27
  • Hi Claus, I am using 2.22.2 – Sumit Baurai Apr 16 at 10:55
  • Maybe its the space in the function name, you can try using a regexp function that can also match with a starts-with token. Mind that getting the reg exp pattern correct can also be tricky – Claus Ibsen Apr 16 at 13:18
  • Thanks for the reply Claus.. I already had a regex that was doing the trick.. but was just hoping that the 'starts with' works... is more readable ...anyways thanks !! – Sumit Baurai Apr 17 at 15:21

starts with does not work..for what reason I dont know..but then using a regex as shown below works

.jsonpath("$.configs[?(@.mask =~ /^\\${header.fileMask}.*?/i)]")

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