I am trying to oauth salesforce from my App. whenever user click btn and it should redirect to login page of salesforce and after succesfull login it should redirect to my App

I am trying to logout current logged in user in node js and the bellow code remove the session but when i trying to login 2nd time using code B it is not redirecting to login page of salesforce insted it comming to callback function and giving me data from salesforce.

var jsforce = require('jsforce');
code A:
var conn = new jsforce.Connection({
  sessionId : 'accessToken',
  serverUrl : 'instanceUrl'
conn.logout(function(err) {
  if (err) { return console.error(err); }
  // now the session has been expired.

code B:

every time user click on re-oauth salesforce login btn it should redirect to login page of salesforce

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