I need to prepare JSON which contains apostrophe to be sent via CURL. Example of JSON:


Example of JSON I need as an output:


What I have tried:

sed -e "s/'/'\\\''/g" <<< {"myField":"Apos'test"}

which outputs:


And I do not understand why it removes double quotes.

P.S. it is not obligatory to use sed, any other standard linux tool would work.

  • Use jq: generate_post_data(){jq -n --arg v "$1" '[{ "myField": $v }]'} and then use generate_post_data "Apos'test" – Wiktor Stribiżew Apr 16 at 9:52
  • 2
    The sh is removing the double quotes, same as with echo {"myField":"Apos'test"}. Try instead sed -e "s/'/'\\\''/g" <<< "{\"myField\":\"Apos'test\"}". – jas Apr 16 at 10:02

try this:

replacement=$((cat << EOT
) | sed "s|'|'\\\''|")
echo $replacement



It doesn't
If it was because you used <<< , here, of which "" pair was parsed, expanded and dropped by the shell you're in

$ cat d

$ sed -E "s/'/'\\\''/g" d

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