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duplicate happening only after click the back button.

I uploaded my fully listview code in github. listview code


It seems that

Widget createListView(BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot snapshot) {

// ... 

      children: List.generate(values.length, (index) {

has a wrong length.

Be aware that your build method can get called at any time (and when you navigate it will get called for sure).

Therefore your


gets called many times and thus you need to investigate this method more since the code behind your HelperDatabase1 is not provided.

( maybe here is your issue ...

var catLocal = (await HelperDatabase1().displayDefCatRelation())
var defCatLocal = (await HelperDatabase1().display()) +

cat.add(catLocal[i].c);  // maybe this actually saves in your db/cache

but I can't be sure of it )

Another thing you should look into is that your getRegister1() should be "previously obtained". Check this snipper from the flutter docs.

  future: _calculation, // a previously-obtained Future<String> or null
  builder: (BuildContext context, AsyncSnapshot<String> snapshot) {
    switch (snapshot.connectionState) {
      case ConnectionState.none:
        return Text('Press button to start.');
      case ConnectionState.active:
      case ConnectionState.waiting:
        return Text('Awaiting result...');
      case ConnectionState.done:
        if (snapshot.hasError)
          return Text('Error: ${snapshot.error}');
        return Text('Result: ${snapshot.data}');
    return null; // unreachable

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