I'm creating a minimal custom ingress controller in dotnet core. I can access the k8s ingress resources by querying the api server, but polling doesn't seem like a good solution to update ingress rules since in my use case they aren't changed that often but if they change, the changes should be applied right away.

Is there a way to receive notifications on ingress resource changes? Like registering a webhook or something along the lines? Or is polling the only way?


What dotnet core library are you using? There is a Watch on every resource in the golang client (e.g. ingress). You can find our more about this under "Setup a Watch" section in this article

It looks like there is a Watch example in the kubernetes-client/csharp as well.

  • yes, i guess watch is the way to go, if i understand it correctly it uses long polling. for reverse proxying i use github.com/damianh/ProxyKit with a few customizations. for kubernetes i currently don't use a library but plain rest api calls. didn't even realize there was one for dotnet, thanks for pointing it out. – Markus Dresch Apr 17 at 5:44

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