I'm writing a custom javax.validation.ConstraintValidator. I'd like to include a custom property path on my ConstraintViolation, including the parent property path. So:

class BaseClass {
  @Valid MyProperty first;

@MyValidator class MyProperty {
  String someField;

class MyValidatorImpl implements ConstraintValidator<MyValidator, MyProperty> { 
  // ...
  public boolean isValid(MyProperty value, ConstraintValidatorContext context) {
     context.buildConstraintViolationWithTemplate("My message")
         // How to access the parent property name "first" here? 
         .addPropertyNode("my custom property") 

Any help would be appreciated.


Apparently, the answer is to add a .addBeanNode() call after the .addPropertyNode() call. This will actually add the parent node name before the property name. Note that you cannot call addBeanNode() before calling addPropertyNode() since the builder behind it doesn't allow that.

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