I am getting this error while trying to install react-native-charts-wrapper. I have followed the steps exactly as they say but still not able to build the project successfully.

I also set the SWIFT_VERSION to 4.2 in build settings of my project, still getting the same error.

My XCODE version: Version 10.1 (10B61)

Any ideas?

  • It looks like something has a dependency on Swift 5.0. You'll need to install the latest Xcode (10.2). – Mike M Apr 16 at 14:17
  • I think it is asking me to downgrade the swift version, right? So why install the latest version of XCode? @MikeM – SoftwareTheory Apr 16 at 14:20
  • six one way, half dozen the other...just don't know if the SwiftyJSON library needed 5.0 for something but probably not. – Mike M Apr 16 at 14:51

I found it. I am not familiar with XCode so it was not very straightforward for me. I clicked "Pods" on the project tree on the left, then clicked the dropdown to select SwiftyJSON from the list at the top left corner. Then changed the Swift version which was set to 5.0. See the image.

enter image description here


  • Thank for saving my time – KitKit Apr 21 at 7:12

For anyone who's build continues to fail despite following the previous solution:

  1. Find SWIFT_VERSION literal in whole project files using IDE or editor – I turned on sublimetext, open project root directory, [Find] - [Find in Files.] – Search SWIFT_VERSION

  2. In my case some constants in projectfile was SWIFT_VERSION = 5.0 in proj.pbxproj file despite I changed swift_version on Xcode

    <code>SWIFT_VERSION = 5.0</code> in proj.pbxproj

  3. Change value you want and save file

  4. Restart Xcode

  5. Try Build

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