In CefSharp, I need to redirect all resource/file requests from a domain (e.g. fileserver.com) to a different domain (e.g. myfileserver.com which will mirror the same files with sometimes a bit of modifications (like changed graphics/.png files).

I have tried implementing an IRequestHandler with OnBeforeResourceLoad which would check and redirect all resource requests going to fileserver.com to myfileserver.com instead. For example:

public CefReturnValue OnBeforeResourceLoad(IWebBrowser browserControl, IBrowser browser, IFrame frame, IRequest request, IRequestCallback callback)
    string originalUrl = request.Url;
    if (request.Url.contains("http://fileserver.com"))
        Console.WriteLine("fileserver.com: " + request.Url);

        string filename = GetFileName(request.Url);
        // e.g. http://fileserver.com/abc.png = abc.png

        // We want to use the files from myfileserver.com instead
        request.Url = "http://myfileserver.com/" + filename;

    return CefReturnValue.Continue;

Now, the above code should work (works using with a HTML img tag), the problem is that fileserver.com is used for a Flash game and I don't think it handles this sort of redirect correctly as it still expects to get the file from the real URL, and this causes for no files/graphics from fileserver.com or myfileserver.com to be loaded in the Flash game as the original URL got cancelled from the redirect.

So, I think I would have to do this redirect/overwrite the fileserver.com requested resource without doing an actual URL change.

As an alternative, I have been trying to get IResponseFilter with IResponseFilter.Filter to directly overwrite the file [bytes?] instead of redirecting. However, I'm completely lost in how to do it.

Here is some pseudocode on how I imagined it would work (I have myfileserver.com files now on my disk instead):

FilterStatus IResponseFilter.Filter(Stream dataIn, out long dataInRead, Stream dataOut, out long dataOutWritten)
    // For example, fileserver.com has requested file abc.png
    // Read bytes from my local version of the file from fileserver.com
    byte[] myLocalFileBytes = File.ReadAllBytes("myfileserver\\abc.png"); // name of requested file, not very sure how to retrieve this here

    // Write my file to the requested file from fileserver.com to replace it
    memoryStream.Write(myLocalFileBytes, 0, myLocalFileBytes.Length);
    // This is obviously completely wrong and probably even the wrong place, sorry!

    return FilterStatus.Done;

(I got this idea from filter in CefSharp repo, as I couldn't find any other methods to try overwrite file without doing URL redirect, but no clue how to make it read my local file and write it over the requested file)

My other idea is to make myfileserver.com pretend that it's actually fileserver.com but don't think it's possible.

I have no experience with trying to read/write memory like this so I have no idea what to do. I would appreciate any help or feedback, thanks.

  • ResourceFilter isn't really the best approach here. You are better off using a ISchemeHandlerFactory, see github.com/cefsharp/CefSharp/wiki/… for background. Register your factory for http or https whichever is relevant, specify the domain so you only get requests, you can then proxy the calls to your new domain, see github.com/cefsharp/CefSharp/blob/cefsharp/73/CefSharp.Example/… for an example that can be adapted. – amaitland Apr 16 at 20:30
  • @amaitland I implemented the FlashResourceHandler and it seems to work! However, is it possible to use local file instead of WebRequest.Create to load my version of the file. Thank you. – Proxx Apr 17 at 2:00
  • Yes, either modify the example I provided or use one of the static helper methods provided by the default implementation at cefsharp.github.io/api/71.0.0/html/… – amaitland Apr 17 at 2:04
  • Start with ResourceHandler.FromFilePath – amaitland Apr 17 at 2:04

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