I was wondering if there is a way to divide one Redis server into 2 different sub-servers? Specifically is there a way to have:


a 1 (a - key, 1 - value)

b 2

c 3


a 4

b 5

c 6

so that I can search for keys in one sub-server (for example use something like "GET a in Sub-server2", and get value 4)?

I am including jedis tag because the final goal is to make that work in java.


Redis already has an idea of database. A single Redis instance has 16 (0 to 15) separate databases.

You can use this idea of database to your idea of sub-server. For example, use database-1 as sub-server1, database-2 as sub-server2.

Jedis also supports database. Choose a constructor which has database parameter, pass the proper database value and you're done!

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