I am having trouble pulling some info off ups. The city and state in the shipToAddress section.

Below is the data in a easy to read format that i am pulling from ups website with requests:


data = {
    'statusCode': '200',
    'statusText': 'Successful',
    'isLoggedInUser': False,
    'trackedDateTime': '04/16/2019 1:33 P.M. EST',
    'isBcdnMultiView': False,
    'trackDetails': [{
        'errorCode': None,
        'errorText': None,
        'requestedTrackingNumber': '1Z3774E8YN99957400',
        'trackingNumber': '1Z3774E8YN99957400',
        'isMobileDevice': False,
        'packageStatus': 'Loaded on Delivery Vehicle',
        'packageStatusType': 'I',
        'packageStatusCode': '072',
        'progressBarType': 'InTransit',
        'progressBarPercentage': '90',
        'simplifiedText': '',
        'scheduledDeliveryDayCMSKey': 'cms.stapp.tue',
        'scheduledDeliveryDate': '04/16/2019',
        'noEstimatedDeliveryDateLabel': None,
        'scheduledDeliveryTime': 'cms.stapp.eod',
        'scheduledDeliveryTimeEODLabel': 'cms.stapp.eod',
        'packageCommitedTime': '',
        'endOfDayResCMSKey': None,
        'deliveredDayCMSKey': '',
        'deliveredDate': '',
        'deliveredTime': '',
        'receivedBy': '',
        'leaveAt': None,
        'leftAt': '',
        'shipToAddress': {
            'streetAddress1': '',
            'streetAddress2': '',
            'streetAddress3': '',
            'city': 'OCEAN',
            'state': 'NJ',
            'province': None,
            'country': 'US',
            'zipCode': '',
            'companyName': '',
            'attentionName': '',
            'isAddressCorrected': False,
            'isReturnAddress': False,
            'isHoldAddress': False,


data = response.text
addressinfo =json.loads(data)['trackDetails']['shipToAddress']

for entry in addressinfo:
    city = (entry['city'])  
    state = (entry['state'])
    country = (entry['country'])

My Expected Results:

city = 'Ocean'

state = 'NJ'


this is error:

addressinfo =json.loads(data2)['trackDetails']['shipToAddress']

TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not str


Note the format of your JSON:

'trackDetails': [{
    'shipToAddress': {...}

The dict you're trying to index into is actually contained inside of a list (note the square brackets). The proper way to access the shipToAddress field would be to do this:

addressinfo = json.loads(data2)['trackDetails'][0]['shipToAddress']

instead of what you were doing.

  • alright that makes alot of sense, thank you for explaining my oversight – duc hathaway Apr 16 '19 at 18:31
  • @green-cload-guy if there were multiple shipToAddress sections would there be anyway to pull all of them or would i need to specify the first one like in your answer above? – duc hathaway Apr 16 '19 at 18:50
  • See this answer for JSON key uniqueness in general - according to the JSON RFC, keys should be unique, so you should never see 'shipToAddress' as the same key in the same field, and I'm not sure how python would handle that behavior (probably with an OrderedDict). – Green Cloak Guy Apr 16 '19 at 19:42
  • 1
    Though if there were multiple sets of track details, you could iterate through the list and take shipToAddress from each one, e.g. d['shipToAddress'] for d in json.loads(data2)['trackDetails']. – Green Cloak Guy Apr 16 '19 at 19:43

When you return data = response.text you should instead do data = response.json() since it is a json. This will allow you to access it like a json. Instead you are converting it to a string with .text and then attempting to load it back in which is not necessary.

Then access city:

city = data['trackDetails'][0]['shipToAddress']['city']
state = data['trackDetails'][0]['shipToAddress']['state']
  • thank you for helping me better understand my unnecessary steps, very much appreciated – duc hathaway Apr 16 '19 at 18:32

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