Going through the Rabbit MQ Pika HelloWorld tutorial found here: https://www.rabbitmq.com/tutorials/tutorial-one-python.html

The problem is, I keep getting this error whenever I run my receive script:

"Traceback (most recent call last): File "receive.py", line 5, in pika.ConnectionParameters(host='localhost'))

File "C:\Users\Colin Warn\PycharmProjects\untitled2\venv\lib\site-packages\pika\adapters\blocking_connection.py", line 360, in init self._impl = self._create_connection(parameters, _impl_class)

File "C:\Users\Colin Warn\PycharmProjects\untitled2\venv\lib\site-packages\pika\adapters\blocking_connection.py", line 451, in _create_connec tion

raise self._reap_last_connection_workflow_error(error)

pika.exceptions.AMQPConnectionError "

Here's the code I'm attempting to run:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import pika

connection = pika.BlockingConnection(
channel = connection.channel()


def callback(ch, method, properties, body):
    print(" [x] Received %r" % body)

    queue='hello', on_message_callback=callback, auto_ack=True)

print(' [*] Waiting for messages. To exit press CTRL+C')

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

  • Do you have a rabbit server running in your machine? – julian salas Apr 17 '19 at 0:13
  • Not sure how to check. I've also recreated their send.py script that I thought would create one, but it just sends me the same error. I have more than 200 MB on my disk drive, so I'm not sure what else would be causing this. – Colin Warn Apr 17 '19 at 3:01
  • You have to install a rabbit in your machine check out this rabbitmq.com/download.html after installing rabbit server go back and rerun the script. I hope it goes well. – julian salas Apr 17 '19 at 3:30
  • 1
    That fixed it, thank you! – Colin Warn Apr 17 '19 at 4:30

You need to install RabbitMQ on your machine: https://rabbitmq.com/download.html

After installing RabbitMQ server re-run the script.


All you need to install RabbitMQ in your PC, You can simply run with docker using below command in another terminal, and re run your code

docker run -it --rm --name rabbitmq -p 5672:5672 -p 15672:15672 rabbitmq:3-management

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