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I want to create a variable that contains a string of text [in BASH] that spans multiple lines and includes spaces. I can do this without spaces, but not with spaces.

I am trying to create a flash card program for self study. I am not in school and this is not homework.

This works:

$ TEST=me$'\n'you
$ echo "$TEST"

This does not work:

$ TEST="me on line one$'\n'you on line two"
$ echo "$TEST"
me on line one$'\n'you on line two

I would like the output of the second code to look like this:

me on line one
you on line two

Note: this is not a duplicate question. The alleged duplicate does not contain an example with spaces, which is why I had a problem.

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$ test=$'me on line one\nyou on line two'
$ echo "$test"
me on line one
you on line two

If you insist on using different quoting methods for different parts of the string (why?), you need something like

$ test="me on line one"$'\n'"you on line two"
  • Fixed my problem. Thank you! – JustinMT Apr 17 at 18:09

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