I have the following table in my backend,


Name      ID      ToAddress                                                        Status
Abc       123     [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]        A        
Def       234     [email protected],[email protected]                                A
Ghi       567     [email protected],[email protected]                              B

And I have a button in my power apps to send email, but not Sure how to write code to do this.

I want to send emails to everyone in the To address corresponding to status "A",

On the To Address there will always be only one user. And Each user will receive only one email.

The email sent to [email protected] will be something like this in the body.

Please kindly take a look at Abc - 123 Def - 234

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My advice is to create two nested Apply to each actions:

  • first for each row in Table1 with Condition inside: [Status] is equal to 'A'
  • second inside If yes part of above condition

Before the 2nd loop create e-mail array (array type variable) by splitting ToAddress column (of currently processed Table1 row) on comma with split() function:


Inside the 2nd loop put Send an email action with dynamic content:


in To field. Populate other necessary fields with row content - concat() function could be helpful.

Do not forget to somehow mark each row as "processed" in case of workflow failure.

Simplified version of this workflow below (only second Apply to each action).


  • Can i send the just one final email to all the recipient in one go? instead of for each loop for one by one. Sep 2, 2019 at 18:13
  • Yes. Create new variable of type String and append e-mail addresses to it separated by comma. Then use array() function with split() on comma like in my answer above in order to create an array. Finally, use it in "To" field of Send an email action
    – nervuzz
    Sep 4, 2019 at 14:32

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