I am trying to write a user defined task scheduling policy for Cheddar in ada language. but when i write the following code:


for i in tasks_range loop
    if tasks.ready(i)=true then
    end if;
end loop;   

It gives an error: Exception raised :CONSTRAINT_ERROR:expressions.adb:1876 access check failed

I tried defining mul as integer and it failed there too.

Please help.


There's a lot of info that we need in order to really give you any meaningful help. As a guess, given the exception is Constraint_Error, I'd look at the range of tasks_range compared to tasks.ready & tasks.capacity. — Given that this doesn't look like idiomatic Ada code, I'm guessing you're either (a) trying to transcribe the method/algorithm from some other language, or (b) you are unfamiliar with Ada's task system.

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