Server.Transfer("~\\Error Pages\\404.aspx");

Since ~ returns a path with backslashes


Server.Transfer("~/Error Pages/404.aspx");

Seen used and fits the docs ("The URL path") more

I tried and they both work.

So why am I asking?

Because if you don't do something the correct way, it might work now, but it might fail at some point and then it can be pretty difficult to debug.


Both work, but using / is prefered, as \ internally gets replace by /.

From the .NET Reference Source:

HttpServerUtility.Transfer calls its Execute method which uses
VirtualPath virtualPath = VirtualPath.Create(path);

This VirtualPath.Create calls UrlPath.FixVirtualPathSlashes(virtualPath) which replaces \ with /.

internal static String FixVirtualPathSlashes(string virtualPath) 
    // Make sure we don't have any back slashes
    virtualPath = virtualPath.Replace('\\', '/');


The right way to use is

Server.Transfer("~/Error Pages/404.aspx");

Example 1

Example 2

  • Worth an upvote, so +1. But still, the first is just a 3rd party which might be wrong. As for the second. It's outdated. The current docs don't contain an example. I'm not even sure that your link is for the exact same thing. But as I said. +1 nevertheless. Thanks. – ispiro Apr 17 '19 at 20:05

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