Coming from a Java background, it's normal to use private variables and methods as often as possible. After getting pretty deep into the PHP ecosystem, I've noticed that the use of private is actually pretty rare and is often replaced with protected. I've noticed this trend in the source code of Drupal, Laravel and in Symfony components.

Why is this?

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    I use them all the time. Moot point – Dharman Apr 17 at 20:24
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    It's not uncommon to extend the classes offered by frameworks. Having private properties makes that difficult. – John Conde Apr 17 at 20:24
  • Because most of php frameworks are terrible. You should almost always use private variable. Only on rare cases protected variables. And publics should be only used for "data structures" (like trees). – tereško Apr 17 at 20:25
  • @JohnConde Ahh. That makes sense. – Jake Stewart Apr 17 at 20:26
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    @tereško How does it not make sense? I said they use protected so you can extend their classes. That's exactly what you just said. – John Conde Apr 17 at 20:31

This depends on what you are building. Your examples are open source frameworks that other people might want to extend and overwrite the offered functionality in when they use it. Nothing is more annoying than having a method private in there and you just have to rewrite everything in order to do a tiny little change in the framework.

Apart from that (i.e. your own project, like for your company, that you do not open source), the world looks pretty differently: Here it is a question of philosophy how open or closed your methods are. If you are following the SOLID principles, they should be open for extension but closed for modification. I like this approach and mostly make everything "as secure as possible" and only allow access where I need it, and yes, in PHP.

So TL;DR: Depends on the use case, but private IS and imho SHOULD BE used as well.

Side note / fun fact: Access specificers work on class level in PHP, not on object level, so one object of the same class passed to another of the very same, can access its private members and vice versa.

  • Which language has access modifiers on object-level? On class-level is pretty much standard in OO languages as far as I know... see "friend class" or "friend function" (a class is automatically its own friend) – Lars Stegelitz Apr 17 at 21:06

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