I am trying to register ion-menu animation but in menu controller i cannot register animation using registeranimation method because it says it is not available.

They removed menu type from MenuController.

class MenuBeautyType extends MenuType { constructor(menu, plt) { super(plt); let openedX = ((menu.width() * (menu.isRightSide ? -1 : 1)) - (menu.width() * 15 / 100)) - 45 + 'px'; var contentOpen = new Animation(plt, menu.getContentElement()); contentOpen.fromTo('translateX', '0px', openedX); contentOpen.fromTo('scale', 1, 0.9); this.ani.add(contentOpen); } Any alternave to achieve this.

  • add code also what you are trying. – Khurshid Ansari Apr 18 at 5:04
  • @keminkasundra how can any one to know where you have stuck? – Abhishek Apr 18 at 5:06
  • I want to know that how I can register animations on menu in ionic 4. in ionic 3 we can register it using registerAnimation but on ionic 4 that is not available on menu controller. – kemin kasundra Apr 18 at 5:08

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