I'm trying to set up a server with ansible and I'd like to use this galaxy role.

It defines a template that I'd like to customize, but I don't know how.

Right now I defined the role into requirements.yml and I installed it using:

ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml

which installed the role somewhere on my system.

I tried by recreating the folder tree into my repository where I store my playbooks:

  |- ansible-role-passenger
     |- templates
        |- passenger.j2

but it does not work. When I run my playbook, ansible uses the passenger.j2 file from inside the galaxy role.

I think I can fork the galaxy role on github and just edit the file passenger.j2 like I want, but I don't know if this is there is a "better" way to do it :)


Your findings are unfortunately true. Overriding a hardcoded template in a role from a calling playbook is merely impossible unless the role's author implemented that as a feature

The best way I have found so far: given that the role contains the default template in templates/passenger.j2, add a var in default/main.yml such as passenger_config_template: passenger.j2 and use that var in the role. The user can then override that var in its playbook/inventory and use a different name for the template which will be fetched in an other role or directly in a templates directory at playbook level.

You can have a look at a similar issue and an accepted PR I once made to @geerlingguy on his ansible-role-gitlab. He might consider doing the same thing on his passenger role (or might accept your PR if you propose one).

  • Thank you very much! – delphaber Apr 19 at 17:48

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