I have been trying to play a video from local folder using a video tag .The path of the video file that set to the element as source is correct and iam able to play it browser using "localhost/filepath.." but still the appendChild saying its null

function PlayWordFile(fileNam)

            if (fileNam=="")
                alert('No file attached.');
            var extn = fileNam.split('.').pop();             
            if (extn == "mp4") {              
                var y=fileNam;
                var video=document.getElementById('VideoPlayer');
                var source=document.createElement('source');



Html Code:

<div id="PanelMainPlayer" runat="server">
     <video id="videoPlayer" width="250" height="200" controls autoplay></video>

can anybody spot what i have been doing wrong here any help is apreciated


Typo. You have videoPlayer in the HTML and VideoPlayer in the JS.

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    You should really vote to close on these rather than answering. Typos are a separate reason – Zoe Apr 18 '19 at 10:00

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