When you create new team in MS Teams it will also create new group. You may check details of this group via basic group endpoint:


group created with team

However such groups are not returned from another endpoint which allows to check whether group is added by user to favorites or not:


May be it is caused by the fact that /me/joinedgroups end point is routed to Outlook services which is not integrated with Teams well enough yet: when I tried to add createdDateTime attribute to the REST url (this attribute is returned for groups from basic endpoint - see above)

https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/me/joinedgroups/?$select=id,isfavorite,displayName,createdDateTime &$top=200

it returned error saying that returned entities have Microsoft.OutlookServices.Group type:

enter image description here

Is it bug or this feature is not implemented yet in /beta/me/joinedgroups? May be there is some other way to get isfavorite property for groups created from MS Teams?

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