I'm using Bootstrap-Vue to display information in a table. Each element displayed has two fields ( name and age ). By now, I can filter by one field (either name OR age), but I want to have two inputs to filter by both of them.

So if I type "Dav" at name and "2" at age, I want to display all person with 'Dav' at the name ang '2' on his/her age.

I've tried passing an array (['age', 'name']) and an object (name: 'name', age:'age') to :filter, but nothing works.

I've forked an example and simplify it. Here you'll have two inputs, one for name and another for age. You can filter by name (:filter="name") but not by age. I can switch 'age' for 'name' and it will work, but only for 'age'.

Here's the code:


TL;DR: The table filters by 'name' but should filter by 'name' and 'age'. I want to know how to filter by two or more fields.


You can use the computed property for filtering data.

Refer this -


  • Thanks. I'll apply it to my code. – DavidMM Apr 19 at 10:20

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