I have created a heatmap plot using in Julia by using the Plotly with the Plots package. I generate the heatmap with the following command heatmap(10^9 .* (height + deformation)). Then, I get a plot that looks like this heatmap

The length of the x-axis and y-axis both range from 0 to 256, but nonetheless they do not have the same scale as seen from the rectangular shape of the heatmap. How can I make the scale of the x-axis and y-axis equal?

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You can use aspect_ratio attribute with :equal option.

heatmap(10^9 .* (height + deformation), aspect_ratio=:equal)

should give you equally scaled x and y axes. If you give a number instead of :equal, plot area is resized so that 1 y-unit is the same size as aspect_ratio x-units.

You can see other attributes to use with Plots.jl in the relevant section of Plots.jl documentation.

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