(I'm bad at english) Ok so i'm making a 2d game in Unity where you can place flowers I have a sprite as a background and I only want you to be able to place flowers where the sprite is green like grass. anyone know how to get the color of where the mouse is on the sprite?


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I would do something like the following:

1) In your cursor class, define an OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D col) event (this is built in with Unity)

2) Within the trigger, cast the Collider2D to a gameobject and get its SpriteRenderer component. You can do this with gameObject.GetComponent<T> where T in your case will be of type SpriteRenderer. (Please note that this is not friendly with performance, you should have components like this defined as a public property, but that's besides the point).

3) If the cast was successful check if the SpriteRenderer.color == Color.green

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