i want to get rid of 'youtube mixes' block on youtube.com home page. so need to remove the first element and everything below in this path (the last span element is the one that contains the 'Youtube Mixes' text):

ytd-item-section-renderer.style-scope.ytd-section-list-renderer > div#contents.style-scope.ytd-item-section-renderer > ytd-shelf-renderer.style-scope.ytd-item-section-renderer > div#dismissable.style-scope.ytd-shelf-renderer > div.grid-subheader.style-scope.ytd-shelf-renderer > div#title-container.style-scope.ytd-shelf-renderer > h2.style-scope.ytd-shelf-renderer > span#title.style-scope.ytd-shelf-renderer

i tried to follow instuctions here but it doesnt seem to work Extended CSS selectors (Adblock Plus specific)

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