I'm working on this website. I have signed an NDA so I can't post any code, but I can explain what's going on and post what's going on in the PHP terminal. There's a Vue frontend, there's a Phalcon backend. The Vue frontend is configured with the Phalcon backend, The frontend is running on Webpack, and Phalcon is running on php7.2. I'm on Debian Stretch. But it's showing some odd behavior. It sends two requests milliseconds apart. The first one sends back 200 and succeeds, but the second one sends back 404 and fails, thus the whole operation fails. The same thing happens if I open some of the API routes in Postman, it says "Controller Class Not Found". But, for example, an IndexController action opens up fine. Let's just see the console.

[Fri Apr 19 10:13:45 2019] ::1:58106 [404]: /
[Fri Apr 19 10:14:00 2019] ::1:58110 [200]: /api/v1/users
[Fri Apr 19 10:22:42 2019] ::1:58146 [200]: //api/v1/displays?limit=all&include=team
[Fri Apr 19 10:22:47 2019] ::1:58148 [404]: //api/v1/displays?limit=all&include=team
[Fri Apr 19 11:18:03 2019] ::1:58534 [200]: //api/auth/register
[Fri Apr 19 11:18:03 2019] ::1:58532 [404]: //api/auth/register
[Fri Apr 19 12:04:05 2019] ::1:58552 [200]: //api/auth/register
[Fri Apr 19 12:04:05 2019] ::1:58550 [404]: //api/auth/register
[Fri Apr 19 12:11:50 2019] ::1:58680 [200]: //api/auth/register
[Fri Apr 19 12:11:50 2019] ::1:58682 [404]: //api/auth/register

The Vue is the stable branch, but the API is the development branch, however, I've been told it works.

  • Looks like a CORs issue – Derek Pollard Apr 19 at 16:32
  • @DerekPollard Well this is the first time I'm hearing this term... I'm running all this on a localhost. I googled my issue + CORS and not so many results showed up. Can you give me the ballpark of what I'm in for? – Major Despard Apr 19 at 16:55
  • It's a relatively easy fix, you just need to add the proper headers to the phalcon application response so vue can access the API – Derek Pollard Apr 19 at 16:56
  • if you look in the developer console, the vue app should be sending an OPTIONS request before each actual request – Derek Pollard Apr 19 at 16:57
  • @DerekPollard The API uses JWTs to handle requests. The API key and and the Vue key are the same. However, Vue says it can't find the controller. What could the reason be? – Major Despard Apr 19 at 17:11

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