I'm trying to get data with httpwebrequest its ok with stable datas which is not changing every second.

But when i'm trying to get a timer(which actually changes everysecond as u know) I'm not getting time data.I think it happens because im trying to get this from a html document but when i inspect page source i see this

<td class="desc ausbau">Yükselt                     <span class="level">Kademe 7</span>
            <tr class="data">
                <td class="desc">Süre:</td>
            <tr class="data">
                <td class="desc timer">
                    <span id="Countdown">Yükleniyor...</span>
            <tr class="data">
                <td colspan="2">

Yükleniyor... = Loading...

I think this happens because javascript enables itself when html document is completed.And real data is in the javascript counting minutes and seconds as you see below in screenshot...


Here is my code block im working with...

System.Net.CookieContainer myCookies = new System.Net.CookieContainer();
                bool result = HttpMethods.Post("https://lobby-api.ogame.gameforge.com/users", postData, "https://tr.ogame.gameforge.com/", myCookies);                
Console.WriteLine("Giris Basarili!");

                string mySrc = HttpMethods.Get("https://lobby-api.ogame.gameforge.com/users/me/loginLink?id=103960&server[language]=tr&server[number]=157", "https://lobby.ogame.gameforge.com/tr_TR/?language=tr", myCookies);
                string token = GetBetween(mySrc, "token=", "\"}"); // Sayfa kaynağından token kodunu ayıkladık.
                string veri = "https://s157-tr.ogame.gameforge.com/game/lobbylogin.php?id=103960&token=" + token + ""; //Tokenli Link
                string mySrc2 = HttpMethods.Get(veri, "https://lobby.ogame.gameforge.com/tr_TR/?language=tr", myCookies); //Tokenli Link ile giriş.
                Console.WriteLine(mySrc2); // Aldığımız sonucu konsola yazdık


Here is dynamic timer data im trying to get.But im failling everytime becuse its not giving me javascript data.Is there any way to get dynamic data from this?

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    An HTTP request is only going to give you the response. It's not a substitute for a web browser. It sounds like what you may be looking for is called a "headless browser". It's an in-code component which functions like a web browser, including JavaScript execution, but just has no UI. This question is pretty old, but could be a good place to get started: stackoverflow.com/questions/10161413/… – David Apr 19 '19 at 21:57
  • Using httpagility pack will solve my problem? Or i need to use browser in my project? – Pandorax Apr 19 '19 at 22:39

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