I tried whitelisting IP address/es in my kubernetes cluster's incoming traffic using this example :

Although this works as expected, wanted to go a step further and try if I can use istio gateways or virtual service when I set up Istio rule, instead of Loadbalancer(ingressgateway).

apiVersion: config.istio.io/v1alpha2
kind: rule
  name: checkip
  namespace: my-namespace
  match: source.labels["app"] == "my-app"
  - handler: whitelistip.listchecker
    - sourceip.listentry

Where my-app is of kind: Gateway with a certain host and port, and labelled app=my-app.

Am using istio version 1.1.1 Also my cluster has all the istio-system running with envoy sidecars on almost all service pods.

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    So what is your question? I do not see any issues with using Istio Ingress Gateway with Istio policies. – Vadim Eisenberg Apr 20 at 3:53
  • The issue is when I use label matcher to point to the gateway instead of load balancer, it doesnt work. so source.label has to be pointing to the ingress lb itself for it to work. can I not configure this on the gateway? Imagine an instance where I want to have multiple gateway and its own rules associated with same loadbalancer. – AdityaHandadi May 8 at 16:14
  • The Istio Ingress Gateway pods have their own labels already, one of them is istio=ingress-gateway. I think you can use that one. Hope it helps. – Vadim Eisenberg Jul 8 at 0:14

You confuse one thing that, in above rule, match: source.labels["app"] == "my-app" is not referring to any resource's label, but to pod's label.

From OutputTemplate Documentation:

sourceLabels | Refers to source pod labels. attributebindings can refer to this field using $out.sourcelabels

And you can verify by looking for resources with "app=istio-ingressgateway" label via:

kubectl get pods,svc -n istio-system -l "app=istio-ingressgateway" --show-labels

You can check this blog from istio about Mixer Adapter Model, to understand complete mixer model, its handlers,instances and rules.

Hope it helps!

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