I'm just getting started with ReactiveUI and working on a small WPF drawing app. The drawing library I'm using (SkiaSharp) doesn't support binding an image to the XAML element, instead you invoke the InvalidateVisual method of the XAML element which fires a PaintSurface event that you respond to in order to draw the image.

So what I'm trying to do is observe a property of the view model and when the property changes invoke the InvalidateVisual method.

I've attempted to WhenAnyValue to observe a property of the view model and Do to invoke the InvalidateVisual method by setting up a subscription in the view's constructor thusly

this.WhenActivated(disposable =>
      … // property bindings

      this.WhenAnyValue(x => ViewModel.SomeProperty)
         .Do(x => DrawingSpace.InvalidateVisual())

However this throws a System.NotSupportedException Unsupported expression type 'Constant'

What's the correct way to setup a subscription in a view that observes a view model property and invokes a delegate when the property changes?


The following is your issue:

this.WhenAnyValue(x => ViewModel.SomeProperty)

The WhenAnyValue needs a expression based on the x value passed in.

So in this case the correct approach would be to

this.WhenAnyValue(x => x.ViewModel.SomeProperty)
  • also you could just do Subscribe(propertyValue => { do stuff with property }) rather than using the Do operator. – Glenn Watson Apr 20 at 4:06
  • Thanks, works just fine now. And I appreciate the Subscribe tip as well – mharges Apr 20 at 5:19

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