I've done some hunting around on the internet and have not found a good way of programmatically determining if a given file has integrity detection turned on.

I noticed that, unlike most linux headers I have run across, Darwin doesn't define their st_mode bits in the stat struct defined in /sys/stat.h. It seems like the best way to implement this would be to work off the existing sys/stat.h header however, it's obvious why they would not want to be open about it. Has anyone looked into this more?


Bases on Ken Thomases suggestion my if check looks like this. Looking at the comments in the source it appears as though this should work, however it is still attempting to enter directories such as: "/Users/<USER>/Library/IdentityServices" Causing a segmentation fault. FYI I have tested it with and without preprocessor IFDEF statements.

  (entry->d_type == DT_DIR) 
    && ((fileStat.st_flags & SF_RESTRICTED) == 0)
    && (((fileStat.st_mode & 5) == 5)
      || (((fileStat.st_mode & 40) == 40)
        && (fileStat.st_gid == userHomeStat.st_uid))
      || (((fileStat.st_mode & 320) == 320)
        && (fileStat.st_uid == userHomeStat.st_uid))))
   std::cout<< "Decending into --> " << fullPath.c_str() <<std::endl;



I found this on Apple's website. It seems to indicate that the $HOME/Library area, which is where I am getting hung up falls under some type of restriction, with exclusive r/w access for developers. Doesn't solve my problem unfortunately.


Dans-MBP:tmp mreff555$ cd ~/Library/IdentityServices/
Dans-MBP:IdentityServices mreff555$ pwd
Dans-MBP:IdentityServices mreff555$ ls
ls: .: Operation not permitted
Dans-MBP:IdentityServices mreff555$ 

Dans-MBP:IdentityServices mreff555$ ls -ldO ~/Library/IdentityServices
drwxr-xr-x  9 mreff555  staff  - 288 Apr 14 10:04 /Users/mreff555/Library/IdentityServices
  • SF_RESTRICTED would be in st_flags, not st_mode. I was pretty clear about that in my answer. – Ken Thomases Apr 20 at 23:59
  • Still running into issues with the same files. – mreff555 Apr 21 at 3:41
  • What makes you think that /Users/<USER>/Library/IdentityServices is SIP-protected? It's not for me. Basically, nothing in a user directory could be. SIP protects system files. You can use ls -ldO <path> to check. It would show "restricted" in the flags column (between group and size). – Ken Thomases Apr 21 at 4:33
  • that argument isn't recognized my version of "ls". I found an article on the Apple developer site indicating that the $HOME/Library directory followed some type of special case restricted schema. Developers only. However details were quite vague. Appending it to my post. – mreff555 Apr 21 at 23:42
  • 1
    I believe it's TCC, not SIP, that's preventing access to ~/Library/IdentityServices . – Mark Plotnick Apr 22 at 8:23

There are flags that are separate from the mode flags. You're looking for the SF_RESTRICTED flag in the st_flags field of struct stat. That flag is, in fact, defined in sys/stat.h.

The mode flags (e.g. S_IRUSR) are defined in sys/_types/_s_ifmt.h, which is indirectly included by sys/stat.h.

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