I'm using react-hooks. So there is a modal that pops up with a bunch of inputs (components) like text fields, drop-downs, date pickers and etc... The problem is when some field is being edited, all my form components are being re-rendered and that makes my form very slow. I totally understand why it happens. However, I would like to find a way when I edit some input within my form, all other input fields (components) should stay "frozen" and not re-rendered. Otherwise, working with my form which has at least 20 input fields, would make the work very slow...

Your assistance is appreciated!

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    better share minimal reproducable example. you see, for React it's ok to re-render components on change happen and typically(especially for form controls that usually are not really complex) it is not an issue at all. so before suggesting using React.memo or hooks aimed on performance optimization it's better to check if issue is not somewhere else. – skyboyer Apr 20 at 20:27

You can use Uncontrolled components. It doesn't use setState, so it won't be re-rendered when you type some input value. Then you can send everything when you submit your form.


Try using React.memo which is in some way an equivalent to shouldComponentUpdate

Check React.memo documentation

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