I have dataframe like this:

individual  states
1           Alaska, Hawaii 
2           Hawaii, Alaska
3           Kansas, Iowa, Maryland
4           New Jersey, Newada
5           Newada, New Jersey

I would like to sort the strings within the cells and would like to obtain the following dataframe

individual  states
1           Alaska, Hawaii 
2           Alaska, Hawaii
3           Iowa, Kansas, Maryland
4           New Jersey, Newada
5           New Jersey, Newada

How could I do it?


This isn't a simple problem... I would suggest splitting, sorting and joining with map:

df['states'] = df['states'].map(lambda x: ', '.join(sorted(x.split(', '))))

   individual                  states
0           1          Alaska, Hawaii
1           2          Alaska, Hawaii
2           3  Iowa, Kansas, Maryland
3           4      New Jersey, Newada
4           5      New Jersey, Newada
  • Alright, I actually thought there was a simpler solution to this – edyvedy13 Apr 21 at 1:43
  • @edyvedy13 It would depend on your definition of simple... but this would be the simplest one imo. – cs95 Apr 21 at 1:53
  • Definately, it is simple. I just thought I was missing something very trivial :) – edyvedy13 Apr 21 at 1:53

I am using get_dummies then dot back the result

s = df.states.str.get_dummies(', ')
0           Alaska,Hawaii
1           Alaska,Hawaii
2    Iowa,Kansas,Maryland
3       New Jersey,Newada
4       New Jersey,Newada
dtype: object

df['state'] = s.dot(s.columns+',').str[:-1]

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