I have made a Google Assistant application with Dialogflow, where I send mqtt messages with a webhook script to the esp32. I have made it account specific, to connect the ESP32 with a webserver to a firebase account. Here I store the UID-from-firebase-account/macaddress-of-esp32 in a text file on the ESP32 and send the mac address to firestore.

This will be the specific link to communicate between firebase and the ESP32 trough mqtt. The Google Assistant can be authenticated with auth0 and with the webhook we can get the mqtt link from firebase to send the message to a particular ESP32.

Is this the best approach if you want to bring the product to the market? If not. What needs to change?

  • If you're building an IoT device that works with the Google Assistant, you may want to switch to using smart home instead. – Nick Felker Apr 22 at 21:30

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