I have a stable flutter channel SDK located at c:\flutter. which is set at the system environment variables to be the default path for Flutter.

And I'm using this path c:\flutter when creating new Flutter project in IntelliJ for our customers.

I also downloaded Flutter master channel at c:\flutter_master and I need to use this flutter SDK (master) for another project.

How I can correctly have two working flutter version on the same device for different projects without playing with the system environment variables each time?


According to this issue on Flutter's repo iqbalmineraltown has the answer:

You might want to download multiple version as you need, because each Flutter SDK version is tightly coupled with specific Dart SDK.

You set the Flutter version for each project, and iqbalmineraltown highlights a way if you're using VS Code:

If you're using VSCode, you can download multiple version of flutter SDK into different path and quickly switch between them using Dart&Flutter Plugin You can set default SDK for each project by providing default SDK path for each workspace. So when you open a project, VSCode will use the version you specified for that project.

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Flutter SDK can be specified per workspace if you use VSCode. You need to:

  1. Clone flutter repo to a new folder:
mkdir ~/flutter_dev
cd ~/flutter_dev
git clone https://github.com/flutter/flutter.git .
  1. Open your workspace preferences and update dart.flutterSdkPath setting:
"settings": {
  "dart.flutterSdkPath": "/Users/youruser/flutter_dev"
  1. Restart VSCode and you're good to go.

See more info in Dart Code - Quickly Switching Between SDK Versions

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  • The linked docs for Dart Code plugin are excellent, especially the note the doc includes on using git worktree to have multiple Flutter channels installed using a single local Flutter SDk install (git repo). – Maks May 19 at 23:23

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