Basically i have turned a dictionary into a list. Now i want to get the first,second,third, and fourth value of the list by indexing. I do not know where i have made a mistake but it does not let me index.

I have tried

newcouples3 = remaining1.keys()
newcouple3 = newcouples3[2]

but then I get an error.

{'Couple3': 9, 'Couple4': 12, 'Couple5': 15, 'Couple6': 18}   

newcouples3 = remaining1.keys()
newcouple3 = newcouples3[2]

I want to get the first,second,third, and fourth key in that list.

i get this error:

newcouple3 = newcouples3[2]
TypeError: 'dict_keys' object does not support indexing
  • your code is mal-indented. Could you use '4 space' before each line so we can understand it? besides, show the original code also. – Rebin Apr 21 '19 at 19:43
  • 2
    Neither .keys nor .items returns a list, you have to use list as well – juanpa.arrivillaga Apr 21 '19 at 19:43

That's because indexing works on list type and .keys() returns a dict_keys object which doesn't support indexing.

You could do the following:

>>> some_dict = {'a': 'foo', 'b': 'bar'}
>>> type(some_dict.keys())
<class 'dict_keys'>
>>> list(some_dict.keys())[0]

Calling dict.keys() returns a view object. You would need to turn it into a list first.

newcouples3 = list(remaining1.keys())


You can try like below:

myDict = {'Couple3': 9, 'Couple4': 12, 'Couple5': 15, 'Couple6': 18}

myDictKeys = [ k for k in myDict ]

myDictValues = [ v for v in myDict.values() ]


{'Couple3': 9, 'Couple4': 12, 'Couple5': 15, 'Couple6': 18}
['Couple3', 'Couple4', 'Couple5', 'Couple6']
[9, 12, 15, 18]

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