Is there a way to retrieve the signature of the key used to sign an APK? I signed my APK with my key from my keystore. How can I retrieve it programmatically?

  • you could use an ant script to sign it. but it will require you to store your passwords somewhere which is unsafe.
    – clamp
    Apr 7 '11 at 9:29
  • I just need to get signature from my app inside it, e.g. in my first activity I somehow get my app signature. Up to now I don't know how
    – Waypoint
    Apr 7 '11 at 9:41
  • ah i understand now. i am not sure if this is possible.
    – clamp
    Apr 7 '11 at 9:43

You can access the APK's signing signature like this using the PackageManager class http://developer.android.com/reference/android/content/pm/PackageManager.html

Signature[] sigs = context.getPackageManager().getPackageInfo(context.getPackageName(), PackageManager.GET_SIGNATURES).signatures;
for (Signature sig : sigs)
    Trace.i("MyApp", "Signature hashcode : " + sig.hashCode());

I've used this to compare with the hashcode for my debug key, as a way to identify whether the APK is a debug APK or a release APK.

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    is there a way to get a signature of a not installed application? For example if I have an .apk file
    – Ruzard
    Sep 3 '13 at 19:24
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    this approach is not collision resistant
    – thejh
    Oct 29 '14 at 13:24
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    For serious cases, don't use hashCode(). For example, if you want to validate that some other app that you want to communicate with was signed with the right key, use a cryptographically-secure hash (e.g., SHA256). Aug 20 '15 at 19:18
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    @Ruzard Yes, you can. You need to push the not installed apk to the location where you program can get the apk such as SD_CARD, then use context.getPackageManager().getPackageAchiveInfo(NOT_INSTALL_APK_PATH,PackageManager.GET_SIGNATURES) .signatures[0] to get its hashCode. and compare them . Good luck Jul 27 '16 at 14:44
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    @HosseinShahdoost Yes, they have overwritten it, but it is still not safe to use. The computed hash consists of 32 bits, which allows for trivial collisions. See stackoverflow.com/a/60415924 for details. Feb 26 '20 at 14:21

The package manager will give you the signing certificate for any installed package. You can then print out the details of the signing key, e.g.

final PackageManager packageManager = context.getPackageManager();
final List<PackageInfo> packageList = packageManager.getInstalledPackages(PackageManager.GET_SIGNATURES);

for (PackageInfo p : packageList) {
    final String strName = p.applicationInfo.loadLabel(packageManager).toString();
    final String strVendor = p.packageName;

    sb.append("<br>" + strName + " / " + strVendor + "<br>");

    final Signature[] arrSignatures = p.signatures;
    for (final Signature sig : arrSignatures) {
        * Get the X.509 certificate.
        final byte[] rawCert = sig.toByteArray();
        InputStream certStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(rawCert);

        try {
            CertificateFactory certFactory = CertificateFactory.getInstance("X509");
            X509Certificate x509Cert = (X509Certificate) certFactory.generateCertificate(certStream);

            sb.append("Certificate subject: " + x509Cert.getSubjectDN() + "<br>");
            sb.append("Certificate issuer: " + x509Cert.getIssuerDN() + "<br>");
            sb.append("Certificate serial number: " + x509Cert.getSerialNumber() + "<br>");
        catch (CertificateException e) {
            // e.printStackTrace();
  • What is the command to validate the file with the corresponding serialNumber: unzip -p [path_to_apk] META-INF/CERT.RSA | keytool -printcert
    – JY2k
    Jan 2 '17 at 14:40

My situation is that I have a pre-installed apk which use a wrong key-store . So directly install will give a fail because of inconsistent signature.I need to check the signature first to make sure it can be install smoothly.

Here is my solution.

As this code says, you can get the signature from an installed apk.


Signature sig = context.getPackageManager().getPackageInfo(context.getPackageName(), PackageManager.GET_SIGNATURES).signatures[0];

Secondly: get the releaseApk hashCode to compare. In my case, I downloaded this apk from my server, and put it in the sd_card.

Signature releaseSig = context.getPackageManager().getPackageArchiveInfo("/mnt/sdcard/myReleaseApk.apk", PackageManager.GET_SIGNATURES).signatures[0];

Finally,compare the hashCode.

return sig.hashCode() == releaseSig.hashCode;

I have tried the code above, it works just fine. If the hashCode is different, you should just uninstall the old apk or if it's a system app and the device is rooted, you can just use runtime to remove it,and then install the new signature apk.


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